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over 3 years ago
Making the server better and my opinions.


Hi! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Playerdata is wiped when 90 days old, not 30. This change was implemented a while ago.

Leveling and money: Our shop is like a progression system as well. Most money should be made from spawners. I would suggest making automatic passive mob farms first as those cost the least amount of money. Then, you can move on to hostile mobs like zombies, creepers, zombie pigmen and eventually vindicators. Vindicators can still make you a large amount of money.

Envoy: I've noticed that envoys are becoming more popular now. The wait times should be reduced soon :D

Shop: These items are purposefully not included in the shop. This promotes selling additional items through the playershop.

Spawners: The problem before the economy nerf was that iron golem spawners allowed for exponential growth of money while completely afk. I don't hate Vindicator spawners, their price was increased because emeralds sold for a lot.

Tutorial: The command blocks play to all players in a radius.

Races: The races plays together with Kingdoms, in which you should cooperate with different players, each using a different race. If you don't have friends to play with, it's not my problem.

Vote crates: I will consider buffing these.

Again, thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate it a lot and I will try to fix as many of these things as possible.


Thank you for listening for my feedback. This should clear things out atleast for me and i apreciate the clearing!

I hope when the website gets more updates there would be a section for all the crusial information and maybe some Q&A. This should help people like me to undrestand the server better and how things work (Eg. When player base gets reseted, there are custom mobs, where to find them etc). But agane im just a one person so nothing is mandatory.

Thank you agane for listening for this!

over 3 years ago
Making the server better and my opinions.

Hey! There are some things i wanted to touch on the server. I like very much playing here but there is a lot to improve. Lets go from the begining.

I joined the server a long time ago (I cant exacly remeber when). When i joined i found things to be confusing and broken. (In the tutorial area buttons were not working, the end of the halway wasnt protected.) This dint gave very good first impression.

But besides that i liked playing here and me and my friend started to build a base etc. It was fun but we had other things to do and stopped playing.

I came back a while  ago and was supriced that my inventory was wiped out. It apears that playerdata gets wiped every 30 days or so. This wouldnt bother me but the thing is that this wasnt told anywhere. I only know today after playing 13h that this was a thing.

My point is that the server is lacking crusual information of any kind. I also heard that there were bosses. I dint know that becouse there wastn anything anywhere that said this.

Then there are some improvements and statements.

Leveling and money: I like the idea of leveling and unlocking new commands and perks. it gives a sence of progression. The only problem i found that in the later levels it takes a  of grinding or rng to accualy get the amnount needed. I am prestige 2-XXX and i need a lot of things for it. Mainly money. Lets talk about the money.

The problem i found that its very unlcear how to get large amount of money outside of envoys and selling things in the shop. I am aware that economy got a huge rewamp since i am in the discord server. I dint notace a balance to this. The sell prices got lovered but you still need many millions to accualy progress on the server. The only way to get huge amount of money is to beg someone to give you money or envoys.

Envoys: The envoys are a neat addicion to the server. But there are some problems with them. Mostly becouse they are the main source of money. There is about 5-4 hour cooldown of the drops wich means if your not fast enough or lucky enough you cant get anything good or good money. The fact that your making your money to progress is and rgn system with no counterpart is very bad.

The shop: One of the most likable addicition on the server is the shop. I like it the most. But it isnt perfect. There arent enough things to buy from the shop. There are thinghs missing. (Like anvils, seaweed, many blocks, items, ect) This could be rewamped.

Spawners: I heard that the owner is not happy with 5x spawners, mainly vindicators. They are the most profitable source of money, so why not be happy with them? (I readed this on chat so take this as you will)

Tutorial: The buttons in the tutorial room are most likely linked to a command block with the closest player preset. Not a huge thing but still. 

Overall: I realy like the server and playing there. But there is room for improvements

This is not being hatefull for the sake of hating. This is critizicing from the perspective of semi new player. Please correct me of anything i said.

EDIT: I forgot about the races.

Races: Now heres a big one. Races on the server are a good adission. But oh my its not balanced at all. You get a race token when you first join. But sometimes you dont even get it becouse bug. The most importand races are human and drawf (Becouse slimefun and custom enchants). The problem is that they are locked to these races maning your locked out of some very important stuff. Of course you can buy a token. It wouldnt be a problem to buy one but it costs 500 bar levels. Maybe some other way to obtain the token could be implomented. My sugsection would be to have the races as a shortcut, not a exlusive feature. The current system locks out meny gameplay elements that are very usefull. Have it that you can unlock other race abilityes with effort. This could possibly open up more play value.

And if these things get implomented or rewamped, it would be good to let players know by adding the changes to this website. 

Vote crates: Its probably a balancing reason but maybe tune the voting create rewards. 64 cobblestone with 60% change isnt realy exiting.

Edit edit edit edit: Edited the text to seem more reasonable and higlight some things more professonaly

over 3 years ago
Some bugs i found

Hey! I have been playing on the server for a while and theres some bugs that i have found. I will put my touths and improvement ideas on the different topic. This is for bugs i found

First of all: The envoy flares are not working. I right clicked them, threw them on the ground and tried waited to day and night. Still nothing.

Seacond: I have seen some new player not getting their race token. This is probably a well known issue but i posted it anyway.

Third: In spawn if you right click crates they make you bounch off. Other saying players can go to places theyr not suppoced to be. Very minor but still.

These are the bugs i found this far. The flare is the most alarming bug and should be fixed asap.


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