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over 2 years ago
JackSonic Appeal

Appeal denied due to 4 accounts coming from the same IP. If you plead your innocence and would like to be unbanned, please provide evidence that you all aren't the same person.

over 3 years ago
Reverting back to tickets

"Ask and you shall receive"

Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. After some review we have made a decision:
The ticket system has been implemented. Thread will be locked in 24 hours.

over 3 years ago
I get unbanned please TaatjePVPBro

Sorry for the late reply, but please be more specific. Who was banned? 1deleeuw1 has three different alts/other accounts and was banned for that reason. You and 1deleeuw1 don't have the same IP either?

over 3 years ago
elMakers Magic

Hey there.

The magic plugin wasn't removed only because of it's minor, so called "bugs" but also because of the fact that it was too overpowered. It completely undermined any other race, with an exception being dwarf and ruined the server in that aspect.

Magic will not be reconcidered until serious enough changes can be made to it, like nerfing the abilities and allowing for a more smooth gameplay. Additionally, the deletion of magic has allowed for a more diverse spread of races and its removal has made space for less overpowered aspects, be it at all anything.

Thank you,

over 3 years ago
The lore and rename commands

The question has been answered, so the thread will be locked. If you have any further questions, send them in the next 24 hours.

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