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5 months ago
On farming, The inquisition of spruce.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I will see what I can do with this.

6 months ago

Precision cutting will be fixed soon. Buying entropy for Mokens is currently not possible to add, sorry.

6 months ago
The lore and rename commands

Hey WolfeBot,

The /rename command was removed as it could be abused on books/enchanted books, allowing players to get any custom enchant they wanted.

The /lore command was even more broken, as it allowed players to recreate any custom item.

/lore is definitely not coming back, but I will think about /rename.

7 months ago
Race Token Not Recieved

This is because the LagAssist plugin is disabling redstone when it gets very laggy, and we use redstone to give players race tokens when they first join. Since we are creating a new tutorial system soon, this issue will soon be resolved.

Thanks for reporting!

7 months ago
Ban - Duping

Your ban time has been reduced to two weeks.

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